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Lysistrata Jones            Red Branch Theatre Comapny

Music and Lyrics by Lewis Flinn 
Book by Douglas Carter Beane 

Stage Direction by Stephanie Lynn Williams
Music Direction by Dustin Merrell 
Choreography by Brandon Glass

Lighting Design by Lynn Joslin 
Costume Design by Stefany Thomas
Scenic Design by Bill Brown

Photos by Bruce F Press Photography

"Apollo himself couldn’t have lit a better scene than the way Lighting Designer Lynn Joslin does with her fancy infusion of orange and blue lights, which blink consistently throughout the more raucous party numbers early on in the production. Joslin balances effect lighting with mood lighting so that the luminous plots don’t overwhelm the scenes but rather enhance and inform their overall vibe. Use of flash-snapping strobe for slow-motion action shots— particularly during “Final Game- Hold On”— are smartly used and to great effect. Joslin adds heat to “The Writing on the Wall” with a flash filter of low lighting that’s not unlike UV, giving the foreshadowing overtones of this song a harrowing visual accompaniment. There’s lots to see, and you can see it all thanks to Joslin’s clever sorcery when it comes to the lights of Lysistrata Jones."

by Amanda Gunther  Theatre Bloom

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